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Project Nenathambara is currently working on enriching IT infrastructure in four selected state schools in Mahawilachchiya, Anuradhapura.

Our Story

The gap between the Sri Lankan state school education system and the IT industry is growing wider and wider day by day. In order to bridge this gap, a national policy has been made to integrate ICT education to school education curriculum since the year 2006.

But the Sri Lanka govenment has only been able to cover 50% of the school around the country with ICT facilities where as the rest are compelled to learn ICT using printed textbooks.

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Who are we?

We are a growing community of dedicated members, including but not limited to IT and related industry professionals, teachers, academics and undergraduates. We have members from every background, gender and religion coming from different parts of Sri Lanka who are scattered throughout the world.

Our Work

What we mainly target to accomplish in Mahawilachchiya as our pilot project

Dunumadalawa Secondary Junior School Project

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This school has 250 students with 20 students in grade 11, which is the highest grade offered. There is a computer lab in this school, initiated during the 2009 Dayata Kirula program


Gamini Vidyalaya Project

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This school has 132 students with 12 students in Grade 11 which is the highest level of education offered. Once again, students need to be given access to IT education starting at lower grades since they drop out in intermediate grades.


Get Involved

There are multiple ways you can give back to the society along with us. We can use your valuable help and support to help a lot of schools and kids in Sri Lanka.

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