Kadurupitiya Ashokamala Vidyalaya Project

This school has 93 students, and offers education upto grade 8. The principal is trying to increase this to grade 9 since most students finish their schooling at this institution. This requires an additional classroom building which we will help construct. There is an existing building that has been constructed by the WFP (World Food Program) several years ago (and since been abandoned) that the Principal suggests can be converted into a computer lab. While this is only partially completed, the materials needed for completion are already present (doors, windows, tiles). Labour can also be acquired cheaply from the environment. We will further extend this building to house an additional classroom, which will be important for the potential grade 9 class. Furthermore there is a request for a much needed printer/photocopy machine. Currently the schools officials spend their own money at private businesses for photocopies.

Details of proposed conversion

Existing building consists of a kitchen with hearth fireplace made of clay which was used to cook breakfast for children under the World Food Programme. Our plan is to convert this into an IT classroom with computers, overhead projector screens and audio equipment. The fireplace can be easily converted to a cupboard made of concrete

Classroom conversion

  • Removing hearth and conversion into cupboard
  • Tiling the floor
  • Plastering the walls (inside and outside)
  • Fixing doors and windows (available at site)
  • Electrical wiring
  • Other accessories for l ab (curtains etc)

Proposed aid

Item description Quantity
Computer 4
Photocopy machine 1
Webcam 1
Computer table 4
Computer chair 4