Dunumadalawa Secondary Junior School Project

This school has 250 students with 20 students in grade 11, which is the highest grade offered. There is a computer lab in this school, initiated during the 2009 Dayata Kirula program. At this point, none of the machines are in working condition. We will be looking at repairs for these machines and possible upgrades in addition to donating new hardware. There is a request from the school to help them improve their sanitary facilities.

Proposed modification of toilets

Due to the mineral content of the groundwater in the area, tiles easily get discoloured. The tiles need to be removed to keep the toilet in good condition. There was a request to fix a local water network for drinking water. While there is a system in place already, there are leakages and other problems. This is of vital importance since bad drinking water is the prime suspect of the widespread kidney diseases in the area. The nearby temple has a filtration system which is the source of water for the local water network mentioned. We will take up this task as well. Again there is a request for a much needed printer/photocopy machine.

Proposed aid

Item description Quantity
Photocopy machine 1
Water pipeline 1
Toilet renovation 1
Computer 10
Internet 1
Webcam 1