Thakshila Maha Vidyalaya Project

This school has a population of 642 students, with around 12 students per class in the O/L (Ordinary Level) grades (students dropout of school gradually at various grades). The school only offers the Commerce and Arts streams for the A/Ls due to resource constraints. The students who sign up for A/Ls don’t attend school but attend tuition classes in the closest cities (Nochchiyagama, Anuradhapura, etc). Approximately half of the students in a typical class (This survey was taken from students in grade 10 and grade 11 combined) [can do further surveys but results will be similar from experience at the ground level] have access to a computer at home, while a larger portion have access to a smartphone via their parents.

Existing IT infrastructure

  • IT classroom floor area (approx.): 10m x 10m
  • New empty classroom floor area (appox.): 12m x 12m
  • Internet connection peak throughput: 10mbps
  • UPS rating: 600kVA
Description Working Faulty Total
Number of computers 15 0 15
Number of UPSs 2 0 2
Number of air conditioners 2 1 3
Number of overhead projectors 1 0 1
Network switch (IT classroom) 1 0 1
Internet connections 1 0 1
Computer tables 15 0 1 5
Computer chairs (student) 30 0 30

We have already guided the principal on how to obtain a more suitable internet connection to what was being used. The computers present are donations by the Nations Trust Bank. At this point they are outdated (pentium 4 operating systems). The bank and its resource people have generously offered to repair and upgrade parts of the existing setup. Currently a maths teacher has taken up the responsibility of teaching IT as well. She has a little experience with the Pascal programming language, and has been teaching the students video editing in order to engage them in doing something more advanced with a computer. The students have an understanding of MS office and know their way around the basics of a computer.

Proposed aid

Item description Quantity
Computer 5
Computer table 5
Webcam 1

Details of computers to be assembled

Computer equipment Quantity
CPU i3 1
Display 15" 1
UPS 1.2kVA 1
Keyboard 1
Mouse 1
Headset 1
Ram 8GB 1
128GB SSD 1
Wifi Dongle 1