Training Programs

In order to reap the maximum benefits of this introduction of hardware, it is essential that proper training is given to the teachers and the right initial push is given to the students. We have team members who have worked in seminars training teachers as well as directly with students throughout the country, working with people from different backgrounds and facilities. We have planned a series of programs building on these valuable experiences.

Since the syllabi are out of touch with the growth in technology, we plan on delivering seminars covering what is beyond the usual school syllabi. The new OL and AL syllabi for IT include aspects of programming, and introduce the Internet of Things (IOT). We plan on giving students the opportunity to explore these themselves. Therefore we will be setting up electronics labs with Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits, basic sensors and actuators. We will begin by giving teachers a training in using these.

We will also be conducting a series of workshops with students who are interested in learning more about these. Towards that end, we will be setting up IT and electronics clubs in these schools, and will continue to organize workshops, competitions, trips (to the industry, universities) and set up long range mentoring and guidance programs for those students who show an interest. We will naturally be able to monitor and assist the schools in the maintenance and upgrades of the physical equipment that we will set up. We have members with prior experience in such programs as well as the necessary contacts to organize such activities and are confident that these will be successful.